Rubber Molding - Compression Transfer With High Quality

Consistently Providing a Wide Range of Rubber Molded Precision Products.

Bringing low cost & Economical solutions

Rubber compression molding can provide the widest range of part sizes in a cost-effective way. We have various methods and solutions for whatever custom compression molded parts you require.

Low lead time combined with years of experience in the field makes us your best choice.

Easy to Produce

Many prefer our rubber compression molding solutions because the tooling can be less complex. From the start with uncured rubber to post-curing, compression molding is efficient without sacrificing quality.

Less Waste

The compression molding process usually produces less material runner scrap, and removal of the waste edge can be accomplished using a number of easy to manage methods.


Our method saves overhead cost in certain situations, like:

The tooling already exists

The cross-section of the part is usually large and requires a long cure time

Converting existing tooling to run in our equipment

The Best in the Business

Serving our customers since 1953, we have expanded to a 75,000 square foot facility in Ohio and continue to bring you the varied and custom products that we stake our reputation on.

Custom Rubber Compression Molding For You

Want to know what rubber mold will work for your industry? General compression molding questions?  We are available to chat Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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